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Rolibo is an Istanbul based SEO agency that offers successful results for local and international customers. Do you need help increasing traffic and conversions through organic searches?

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It doesn’t matter if you are a brand that looking for growth, improve business or making SEO for the first time, our SEO services are tailored for your brand’s goals.

High quality and increased conversion from search engines with SEO is the core of the job of what our SEO experts do at Rolibo.

You can get more traffic and better conversion with creating content for your customer’s interests. But first you need to do keyword research to learn exactly what your audience is searching.

We are analysing the search volume of keywords, ranking difficulties and how long it takes to achieve success on desired keywords. We are performing competitive analysis during the stage of keyword research and learn about what your potential customers are searching for.

Technical SEO is about how your webpage looks in dimensions, speed and structure.

There are a lot of active dynamics behind a webpage. All of these parts became one to create a flawless customer experience, but it can easily contain an error and be harmful for your positions in search engines.

Technical SEO reports include detailed explanations about code structure and how you can fix those errors. It is a dynamic process that improves the rankings and your webpage.

Google makes it clear that great content is among the top ranking factors for success in SEO. SEO is not limited to the technical aspects of websites. It is important to have high-quality content that targets the user’s intent and provides them an engaging experience.

Serving high quality content that provides answers and information helps you to get more traffic from search engines and better rankings so your brand can be positioned on the top of the most important keywords, as an industry leader.

Our team creates a backlink architecture that will improve your organic rankings in search engines, and increase direct traffic from reliable, trustworthy webpages. We are skilled at publishing your brand on the right pages with the right content. Links from one website to another shows to Google that the first webpage refers to the linked one. A strong promotional campaign not only raises your search rankings, it also creates a source of information about your products or services.

Our SEO reports help us to create a strategy to increase your sales. We are generating reports that are always accessible through Google Data Studio and we ensure that data is clear, understandable with applicable plans and comments.

Our reports include information from trustworthy data sources like Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

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SEO in 4 questions

What is SEO? Why is it important? What does it cost? Watch the video, understand SEO.

More than 60.000 web searches are made per second

Search engines are the biggest source of traffic which allows potential visitors to find your website. .
SEO is one of the most vital investments that you can make for high traffic and more potential customers.


Organic results on search engines gets 75% of clicks


%61 of users search on web before purchasing a service


According to Google, about 40% of users use their mobile devices to search on a daily basis.


%39 of all global e-commerce traffic comes from search engines.

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Organic searches have become one of Hellovillam’s biggest traffic sources and SEO gains have had a huge positive impact on business.


rankings increase


traffic growth


New top three
ranked different keywords

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Google Search

Google Search

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Frequently asked questions about SEO

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and includes all the efforts to increase the visibility of a website on search engines, especially Google. With SEO, webpages achieve higher rankings in specific keywords.

How is SEO done?

SEO is a whole that includes more than one work. Numerous steps from the optimization of the content on the webpage, getting the backlinks from other relevant and high-quality webpages, to being compatible Google technical guidelines constitute the SEO.

What stages does SEO involve?

Each website requires a different work. Some websites require more than one part of working starting from content or other internal parts of the webpage, which is called internal SEO, while others may have simpler needs. The works to be done are determined after a research and audit on the webpage and competitors.

Which tools that you are using during SEO work?

We are using different artificial intelligence supported tools to perform actions such as analyze competitors’ websites, identify technical problems, and similar purposes.

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic is the name of visitors who come to your website, naturally via search engines without any advertising.

How does SEO affect your webpage?

Having your webpage at the top in certain keywords allows you to reach more potential customers. People tend to click on webpages that they are seeing on the first pages in search engines like Google. SEO increases your organic traffic and expands your customer portfolio. Also, it contributes your brand image by increasing your visibility and brand awareness.

Google ADS and SEO - Which one is more important?

Google ADS is a paid advertising campaign. It is preferred to get the most effective results in the short term and to appear to a tailored demographic audience. A correct SEO keeps your website in high rankings. It provides flow of visitors organically, improves your rankings and thus allows your customers to find your webpage much easier. Both can be done together or one can be preferred for different goals.

How to make SEO for e-commerce web pages?

E-commerce web pages requires much different work than regular sites. There is a need for a different work to show products to the right audience and customers, especially when it comes to high product variety. The work that needs to be done on such web pages must aim for high conversion rates.

How does SEO affect sales?

The high rankings in the search engines allows you to be noticed by many more people. Higher returns are achieved since the higher ranking websites will create more trust for your brand. Being on the top of a search engine will attract many of your potential customers to your web page.

How does SEO affect physical customers?

According to the researches, most of the people who will visit a business for the first time searches for the brand via search engines. The visibility of your brand’s webpage will positively affect that how your customers think about your brand. However, high rankings in search engines as considered by many as an indicator of authority, thus helps to build much stronger brand image.

How is reporting done in SEO?

Every work we made during SEO and the progress that the website is done are reported with details. It is possible to regularly follow the progress on your website and review the work done with these reports.

How is SEO charged?

Each website needs a different work, and the intensity and content of these workings vary. It is not possible to offer a package solution or standardized price, since SEO is a web page specific work. Pricing is determined after the audit of your web page.

How long does SEO work take?

SEO work for each website is different. Therefore, the time required will also vary. As with pricing, how long it takes to get results from the working can be determined after making an audit on the web page.

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SEO requires a dynamic and innovative approach.

SEO that not only increases ranking but also profits!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the work done for the pages on a web page to rank first in organic search results.

At Rolibo, we are doing proven works for excellent customer experience and high return of investment, with the data-driven approach.

Increase in the rankings and watch the organic growth of the traffic and conversions.