Our Google Adwords Management Process


We want to learn as much as possible about your business, including the complexity of your target audience, your profit margins and the lifetime values of your customers.

Account Analysis

The most valuable asset we can use is the previous data of your account. We will examine large amounts of data to find valuable information for creating our strategy.

Action Plan

We complete our reviews and turn it into an effective advertising strategy. We will create campaigns with a high return on investment (ROI) which maximizes the profitability.


We will review Google ADS campaign performance, make necessary changes and notify you. We will create a proactive approach to get further conversions by testing user behavior with A/B tests. Each of our customers whose campaigns have been analytically optimized experienced positive improvements in return on investment.

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Find out what’s curious about Google Ads. What is Google Ads, why is it important, How much budget should i allocate? Watch the video to learn the answers.

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We wanted to invest in Google ads, but we weren't sure how to do it effectively. Rolibo told us how we can reach the right target audience for our brand and started managing our accounts. We started getting new potential customers with Google ads.

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We are a local business. For this reason, it was our only goal to be instantly visible to people looking for entertainment near our location. We notice the customers coming from the internet searches, we have seen the increase in incoming reservations noticeably.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When preparing an advertising campaign with Google ADS, you completely determine your own budget. Your cost per click (CPC) may vary depending on the competition in the industry you want to advertise.

CPC is an acronym for cost per click. It refers to the payment you make when someone clicks on your ad.

Google Ads can be used for any sector and business that is not violating Google advertising policies.

Google ADS ads can be displayed on Google advertising affiliate websites, Google search results, mobile applications included in the Google advertising program, and Youtube, according to your preference.

With Google ads, your target audience is directed exactly to the product they are looking for. The conversions are much more because an ad is shown to an audience which is ready to buy.

The target audience to be used in your ads is determined by your company's products or demographic groups that are interested in your brand. Users with search and purchase history related to your company or product groups are considered as your target audience.

By using big data technology, Google ADS enables a very deep target audience selection in advertisements. Your target audience can be customized according to their location, age, gender, income and many more details.

Potential customers searching on mobile devices can find where your business is located more easily. However, people who have previously seen a company on the Internet are statistically tend to buy, according to studies.

Your brand, which appears at the top of the search results related to your product and industry, makes your customers trust more to your company. The increase in internet visibility positively affects both awareness and brand image.

Many different statistical data can be examined, such as how many people your Google ADS ad campaign is shown to, which search groups are interacting, which of the landing pages are more efficient, and more.

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With paid ads, Hellovillam made a huge increase in conversion, return on investment and number of reservations.


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Google Ads are the most popular advertising platform in the digital world. With the right advertising campaign, we ensure that you reach exactly the targeted audience on Google, where billions of searches are made every day.

We create and manage low cost and high efficiency Google ADS advertising campaigns for your target audience. We help you to achieve high conversion rates and increase your company's income with effective advertising campaigns that will lead your potential customers to purchase.